Advertising/ Marketing Solutions

Whilst studying and working within the advertising, media and communications industry, I have gained experience with a range of advertising/ marketing tools. I am familiar with creating social media content, analysing trends, coordinating SEM campaigns, formal researching and reporting, designing media strategies and presentations, and more. 

Some examples can be found below:

Free2go RACQ Digital Audit and Planning Portfolio

Hungry Jack’s Chicken fries – Campaign Analysis


I currently work as a media and communications consultant for a private College. As part of my responsibilities, I advertise and manage the College’s mobile/ tablet application which involves creating tiles, push notifications, and trouble-shooting login issues as required.

College's electronic LED sign that I am responsible for updating and creating optimised graphics for, advertising news and events.

I also manage the College’s Facebook page.

Setting the goal to increase engagement and impressions for the page, I posted original content, including creating flyers to advertise events. I also co-ordinated staff to provide me with media and information about events. I used Adobe software to edit photos, videos and optimise them for Facebook which compresses large files. 

As you can see, there has been a steady incline of page popularity and I have included and example of a typical month’s engagement statistics which averages an increase of 60 – 70% every month.

Steady increase of page likes from takeover of Facebook page to July 2018.
Examples of monthly post engagement trends, (averaging 60 - 70% increases of engagement each month.)

I have experience in conducting market research in various forms, involving different subjects/ industries.

I have conducted quantitative and qualitative studies – interviewing multiple respondents, analysing data and summarising formally, and the reports can be found below. I have also designed surveys for audience research; most recently, for 3x bus advertisements.

Understanding the Self-Service Checkout Consumer – Qualitative Study Report

Australian Attitudes Towards Smartphone Shopping – Quantitative Study Report